Kitchen Renovations

Arguably the most important room in the house, the kitchen is where loved ones come together to eat, drink, celebrate and bond. As the social hub and heart of the home, it should be a warm, inviting yet functional space that people can’t help but be drawn to.

Black Dog Builders specialises in creating stunning kitchens you, your family and your friends will love. From large, state-of-the-art kitchens with ample entertaining room, to simple, cosy spaces with intimate dining areas, we work with you to craft the kitchen of your dreams. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick update, a modern makeover or a full remodel, our renovation specialists will help you to create the perfect kitchen. Plumbing and painting, tiling and plastering, lighting and decoration; our team of experts can handle every aspect of your kitchen renovation. 

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Every kitchen is different so it’s hard to give an exact cost. Depending on your renovation goals, a cosmetic makeover could be all it takes to refresh your kitchen. On the other hand, you might have bigger plans in mind that require your kitchen to be rebuilt from scratch.

In order for us to give you an accurate quote, we recommend booking a consultation. This allows us to properly assess your kitchen and discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with your renovation. We’ll also be able to get a better idea of where you might incur extra costs and where you can save money.

Based on our assessment, we’ll put together a comprehensive, no-obligation quote tailored to your kitchen renovation. Our pricing is competitive, transparent and 100% fair, and we never inflate our charges. And thanks to our relationships with some of the best kitchen suppliers in the Christchurch area, you’ll benefit from some great deals on fittings and fixtures.

If you’re ready to get started on your dream kitchen, contact us today to get your comprehensive renovation quote.

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Recent Projects

Here are some photos of a recent kitchen renovation of a satisfied clients. 

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